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Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Review – The Glory of the Bearded Pharaoh

When it comes to the famous reviewers in Europe and America, RiP Trippers is definitely one of them.The vape tank I shared today is the Pharaoh’s successor,collaborative designed by RiP Trippers and Digiflavor,the Pharaoh Mini RTA. Pharaoh Mini comes with three sizes of tip drips. One narrow mouth 510 tip drip with two slightly different […]

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Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA Review – Crude and Refined

When I firstly look at the Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA, I still don’t think that it has a attractive appearance, just as same as my opinion about the previous version. However, when I got the real thing, the appearance is actually idiosyncratic, masculine, can not say it is exquisite, because it has a heart of […]

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Naked 100 Tobacco American Patriot and Maui Sun E-juice Review – A Clean, Yet Natural Tasting Vaping Experience

Naked 100 vape juice was created by the Schwartz e-cigarette team with simple fruit flavors, and their experience is beyond doubt. Schwartz will simply and boldly take fruit-flavored e-juice to a whole new level, and Naked 100 is designed to provide you with a fresher, more natural e-juice experience. It is also designed to provide […]

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Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System Kit Review – Press to Fill and Ceramic Coil

Firstly let us introduce the new brand Renova. It was a new brand officially founded by Vaporesso on June 5, 2018. Vaporesso will continue to focus on innovations in atomization technology,  just as they have previously used CCELL coils and the highly acclaimed OMNI chips. Their goal in creating Renova is to set up a […]

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Justfog C601 Pod System Kit Review – Always High Cost Performance

Justfog Minifit pod system kit has become another explosion in the market with its absolute high-cost performance, ultra-small size, excellent workmanship, and experience. In the recent period, the brand’s C601 KIT has appeared in the market. First of all, I pointed out here that the C601 KIT is not exactly the Minifit’s new model nor […]

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RDA’s Good Companion – HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod

Weight is an important factor affecting the experience of dual-battery equipment. High-power equipment is often subject to excessive weight due to the number of batteries, which is very inconvenient to carry out. However, the portable single-battery equipment also has its own shortcomings in the practical use of low-resistance and high-output. Therefore, from the perspective of […]

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