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Recommend Two 75c Box Mod For You

75C Box Mod always sell with high price, why, as they all use the newest evolv DNA75 color chip and have full color tft screen with theme desginer software and customizable user interface. Now I will recommend you two 75C box mod which sells well in the market. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75C Mod The […]

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Guide to Pick Best Vape Batteries and MODs

Vaporizers are as distinct as the vapers who use them, and that distinction grows further with different batteries and modifications. Unlike other consumer electronics, multiple battery options for vaporizers don’t just separate themselves on the basis of lifespan. Rather, a specific battery type can directly impact whether or not a vaping device can function given […]

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Best Six Vape Gadgets for E-Cig

The New Year 2017 has started with a boom in the vaping industry with several hundred vape gadgets making an appearance in supermarkets, malls and small shops near you. E Cigs are relatively safer than traditional cigs, as many studies suggest. Even several Hollywood celebrities have switched to vaping and advertising it through their films. […]

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