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1400mAh YiHi SXmini SX Auto Kit Preview | Pump E-juice Automatically

Right after the SXmini X Class Mod, the YiHi released the SXmini SX Auto Kit. It is the latest pod mod vape by YiHi, featuring an auto-squonking system and an ADA atomizer or its rebuildable version. In the following are more details about it.

YiHi SXmini SX Auto Kit uses the similar advanced YiHi SX650J Chipset as the XClass Mod. This chipboard features an integrated ESS system (Electronic Spray Squonker) with an automated squonk motor that automatically sprays e-liquid into the coil for supporting atomizers such as the ADA. In traditional pod systems, you may often find that if the coils are not properly saturated, you may experience a dry hit. The SXmini SX Auto does not have this problem thanks to its ESS spray technology and its chipset which senses when the coil has become too hot. In the latter case, the device will not fire. Inside the device, there’s an internal 3.5mL tank that resides in a 100% sealed chamber to limit any leakage. You may always feel safe when carrying this small pod setup.
SXmini SX Auto PricePowered by a built-in 1400mAh battery, the SX Auto can last a decent vape time and supports two different working modes including Auto mode & DIY mode. A full charge takes about 100 minutes and the pump does not utilize a lot of power to extend battery life. In Auto mode, the SX ADA atomizer will be detected automatically, but you may also set the mod to the DIY mode for use with the rebuildable version of the SX ADA. Looking at the picture, you can see that the ADA is built with adjustable airflow control which is done by pivoting the airflow cap. While in Auto mode, the SXmini SX Auto will intelligently pump e-juice based on its density, but you may also adjust it to your liking. And, there are also three power output settings (P1/P2/P3).

Anyway, the SX Auto is ideal for kinds of vapers though it has advanced technology and produced a dripper-like experience.

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