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Best Six Vape Gadgets for E-Cig

The New Year 2017 has started with a boom in the vaping industry with several hundred vape gadgets making an appearance in supermarkets, malls and small shops near you. E Cigs are relatively safer than traditional cigs, as many studies suggest. Even several Hollywood celebrities have switched to vaping and advertising it through their films. Although the market is booming, and as happens in such scenarios, many low quality and potentially mal-functioning vape gadgets are also getting sold as the vapers are still not aware what is good and what’s not.

At the beginning of this year 2017, our expert panel of three reviewers, who are also regular vapers, carried out a survey to rate the best-vaping gadgets available in the market. We found that Vaping Zone is among the top most companies providing high-quality vape gadgets and E cigs for sale. We looked at the sales data, customer feedback, frequency and types of problems reported at service centers and also expert reviews available through Vaping Zone and Amazon to shortlist six best-sold vape gadgets of Vaping Zone, which you should try once.

If you are a vaper, you might want to read this list first to know what the best suitable gadget is for you.

01. KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Kit

KangerTech is the leading E-Cigarette starter kit maker worldwide. KangerTech specializes in making smart kits for smart vapers. The best parts of these kits are that they come in a variety of colors such as red, platinum, black and white, and they are portable and affordable.

The KangerTech TOPBOX Mini kit contains a combination of KangerTech’s two top rated products – KangerTech Toptank Mini and KangerTech KBOX Mini 75W. KangerTech Toptank Mini is the smartest of devices available in the market. It’s a top filling device with a capacity of 4 ml, more than enough for your week-round vaping needs. KangerTech’s signature KBOX Mini 75W has the best temperature control module, delighting vapers who love ‘efficiency’.

At Vaping Zone, KangerTech TOPBOX Mini is available in four different colors and also comes with an option of customization. Vapers can add extra e cig batteries for making it the electronic cigarette starter kit of choice. What’s more to ask, when Vaping Zone’s KangerTech comes with best delivery services provided by Vaping Zone.

02. SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank

SmokTech’s Sub Ohm Tank series is making news in the vaping market for a while now. SmokTech’s TFV8 Cloud Beast, under their Sub Ohm series, is an interesting upgrade of their old TFV4. TFV4 was once the rock star of SmokTech, but TFV8 replaces TFV4 completely. SMOK TECH TFV8 comes with upgrades that surpass TFV4 many folds. TFV8 has even higher vape juice capacity than KangerTech TOPBOX. TFV8 Cloud Beast can accommodate a maximum of 6 ml of vape juice.

SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank

TFV8 Cloud Beast allows a better air flow, given the enlarged diameter of the central chimney than TFV4. One good thing is that SmokTech has thoughtfully enlarged the top filling pore size to avoid spillage of vape juice. As the name suggests, TFV8 Cloud Beast is the perfect device to play around with the vape and making creative vape cloud art. You can read and apply some vape tricks using SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank on our latest blog post: Some Vape Tricks You Must Try With Your E-Cigs.

Vaping Zone offers the TFV8 Cloud Beast in two colors – stainless and black. A thing of caution, TFV8 Cloud Beast is just a vape tank; vapers will need to buy an E Cig Mod of 40 or more watts and also a high amperage e cig battery to use it.

03. SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank

SmokTech’s Sub Ohm series is one of the best of its kind in vaping market. TFV8, as an upgrade of TFV4, has earned quite a name and fame due to its astonishing look and functionality. TFV8 Baby Beast is the best choice for a pocket tank. TFV8 Baby Beast has all the qualities of its big brother TFV8 Cloud Beast; it’s just that it has a relatively smaller capacity. TFV8 Baby Beast has a capacity to hold 3 ml of vape juice.

Although the apparent limitation, TFV8 Baby Beast is the best choice as a pocket-friendly Sub Ohm Tank from SmokTech. The Baby Beast has all the features of TFV8 Cloud Beast, except it is smaller in size. The small size makes it cheaper than TFV8 Cloud Beast.

For the year 2016, TFV8 Baby Beast has been in the top six best-sold vape gadgets of Vaping Zone. Again, a word of caution, SmokTech’s TFV8 Baby Beast is just a vape tank. For its full functionality, a e Cig mod of 40+ watts and a high amperage battery is needed.

04. SmokTech H-Priv 220W Kit TC Cig Mod

With H-Priv 220W Kit, SmokTech brings it’s another classic product. H-Priv is for all those vapers who crave for elegance. This e Cig Mod is none other than James Bond of e Cig Mods. SmokTech has been a bit more careful while designing H-Priv E Cig Mod. With its design, it is apparent that SmokTech has put in extra effort to achieve the quality design.

H PRIV 220W KIT TC BY SMOK BOX MODH-Priv as an e Cig Mod has a maximum power output of 220 watts. The dimensions of H-Priv are exact so that it fits perfectly well in user’s hands. The signature red triangle adds up to as a dimension showing sharpness and subtle ‘attitude’ of the product and in turn, the vaper who possesses the SmokTech device.

Two 24k gold battery contact terminals reflect the elegance of H-Priv. The trigger like firing button, low battery warning system, puff monitoring system, and short circuit and overheating protection systems are some of the pros of H-Priv that makes this SmokTech device stand apart. Vaping Zone offers this device in three colors namely, silver, black and white and also with many customization options with regard to batteries.

05. eGO CE4+ Clearomizer

Vaping Zone offers several options for beginner and seasoned vapers. eGo CE4+ Clearomizer is for the former vapers. The first thing vapers notice about eGo clearomizer is that it is very easy to use. CE4+ is ‘use and throw’ clearomizer that comes at affordable prices. CE4+ holds up to 1.6 ml of vape juice. eGO’s CE4+ is an ideal choice for beginners as it produces high vape and a great flavor. Vapers claim that eGO CE4+ Clearomizer produces a large quantity of vapor which also has a clean and long lasting taste.

The ease of use of eGO CE4+ as a clearomizer is in its disposable nature. Many vapers hate it when it comes to replacing coil units. CE4+ is the next generation clearomizer, requiring minimal maintenance. This ‘on the go’ clearomizer has huge fan base, as apparent from our survey results.

eGO CE4+ ClearomizerSince it is a disposable clearomizer, Vaping Zone specifically provides instructions on ‘how to use eGO CE4+’ in the text as well as through a video tutorial. The clearomizer is available in four attractive colors.

06. Eleaf iStick Power 80W Box Mod

If SmokTech H-Priv is the classy e Cig Mod then Eleaf iStick is the next generation e Cig Mod. Eleaf iStick, formerly known as iPower, is a small E Cig Box Mod with a maximum power output of 80 watts. There has been an update in Eleaf iStick’s design, making it more efficient than ever. iStick comes with a battery capacity of 5000mAh.

The next generation quality of Eleaf iStick is that its lustrous finish, compatibility with micro USB pin charger, and inbuilt safety systems such as circuit protection system and battery protection from overcharging, over discharging and overheating. Eleaf iStick comes in three colors namely brushed silver, white, and wood grain. The metallic feel of brushed silver, the elegance of white, and the farmhouse look of wood grain make iStick more attractive.

The six best sold vape gadgets of 2016 also happen to be the best-liked vape gadgets by vapers around the world in 2017. Vapers also rated few products sold on Vapesourcing as products they like or would like to use in future. We hope that this thoughtful dissemination of our survey results will be useful for upcoming studies and also for vapers to choose the best vape gadget currently available in the market.

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