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Buy New Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit In Vapesourcing

I have been vaping now for roughly 2 years and I have always been eager to try new devices when presented the opportunity. When the Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit arrived I had no idea what to expect from the kit, I have always been fond of the cylindrical devices as opposed to the box type units that some people use, so I was instantly attracted to this. The box was neatly arranged and everything seemed to ooze quality which to me shows a company’s attention to detail.

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After reading the supplied instructions I thought I was ready to give it a go with the golden coloured coil which is a 0.5ohm resistance, as this provides more of a ‘draw’ which appeals to me. I have generally stuck to the same rotation of e-liquid flavours, so I decided to go with an old favourite; Heisenberg. After letting this sit for the required time I took my first draw. Oh my, what a flavour! It was quite unlike anything I had experienced before, the subtlety of all the flavours came through and filled my taste buds with characteristics I never knew existed within my liquid of choice all this time, it was certainly a pleasant surprise to say the least!

Another feature of note was the smooth delivery of the vapour, the device was not aggressive in any way and everything was consistent throughout the battery charge. I particularly enjoyed the ‘unregulated’ feature, which enabled me to increase the vapour production by changing the mode on the Exceed D19 Kit battery. A halo of light surrounds the point of separation between the tank and the battery, which provides a very modern look and really sets the unit apart from others I have tried in the past.

Exceed D19 kit review

After being more than impressed by the flavour produced by the 0.5ohm coil, I decided to try the 1.2ohm out of sheer curiosity to find out whether the device would also provide the same flavour experience to those who prefer a tighter draw. The airflow on the base of the tank cater to both coils that are in the box, with a wide entrance for lots of airflow and a series of ‘dots’ which tighten the amount of airflow received. I feel this was a clever addition which allows the Exceed D19 Kit to cater to all variations of vaper, which is an innovative move.

The flavour produced by the 1.2ohm coil was again exceptional, and whilst it is not my personal preference to have a tighter draw, the taste produced would beat practically anything else in my opinion and would become a beloved kit to those vapers wanting a tighter inhale.

joyetech Exceed D19 kit

The size of the Exceed D19 Kit is yet another thing that I feel was executed correctly, it is lightweight, compact and modern, with a very comfortable mouthpiece, plus the top filling design is an ingenious way to fill up, without all the mess that I used to produce with my other cylindrical devices which required a certain amount ‘fiddling’ about with in order to top up.

The Exceed D19 kit is certainly exceptional, the flavour is intense, the battery delivers a smooth and sustained power throughout the discharge cycle and to top all this off, it is a very modern looking unit. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone, no matter their vaping preference, if only to enjoy the ‘true’ taste of their e-liquid!

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