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CoilART Mino Kit – Simplified version for CoilART LUX 200 Kit with LUX Mesh Tank

A few days ago, we have introduced you a new Kit from CoilART, do you still remember? Here we continue to talk about another pod vape kit. I personally think it is the simplified version for CoilART LUX 200 Kit.

1. CoilART Mino 320mAh Kit

Over the past few months, the AIO segment has grown to a crazy scale. Anyone can find a device for themselves and it becomes more difficult for manufacturers to stand out. I can’t say that Mino will immediately blow up the market, but he still has certain opportunities to attract attention. The bright colors of the case are most striking.

CoilART Mino Kit review
CoilART Mino Kit review

Apparently, the designers decided to launch a new line, because CoilART Lux Kit is also made in rich and bright colors. I would venture to suggest that in the very near future we will see other versions of the device. Mino, this would be a very correct and beneficial step for all from the manufacturer.

And in general, the model seems to be successful. The form factor turned out to be universal, and the novelty will definitely be able to find its audience. Fortunately, we already have the opportunity to look at the real photos of the device and understand that in real life it looks even better than on renderers.

2. SMOK Nord 1100mAh Pod System Kit

The Nord Smok Pod is a small, robust and powerful Pod, which has under its carcass. It incorporates a battery with a large capacity of 1100mah. This pod is versatile thanks to its two resistors.

The first of 1.4ohm allows to obtain an indirect inhalation for a smooth vape. You can combine it with eliquides with nicotine salt.

Dimensions: 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm
Weight: 80 grams
Material: Zinc alloy and plastic tank
Built-in battery of 1100 mAh
Capacity of the tank: 3ml
Power: from 10w to 15w
Recharging in micro USB to 1A (1h30)

If your main goal is to saturate the body with nicotine, then Mino for you are perfect. Like most of these devices, the new product is not suitable for more active use. Especially if you use liquids on best nicotine salt e liquid. Personally, it all ends with an overdose of nicotine and a headache: D

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