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The Cream and Custard E-Liquid Trend

e-liquid trend

Even though fruit flavors remain one of the most popular e-liquids, dessert options are taking the vape industry by storm with cream and custard generating a lot of buzz. We’ve seen the trend firsthand and thought we’d share some thoughts.

What’s interesting is how people choose e-liquids similar to foods they consume – custard may be a good way to relax after a long meal while tropical flavors like coconut are perfect for relaxing on the beach.

e-liquid trend

Also, for those with a sweet tooth, vaping cream or custard e-liquids could give off a dessert vibe without actually indulging in a Boston cream pie, cheesecake or cannoli.

With the rise of pod mod vaporizers, we can see e-liquids people use becoming more varied due to the ease of swapping flavors. They may pop in a pod in the morning, choose another flavor during lunch then end the night with dessert. You are no longer limited by having one tank.

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