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Cthulhu Mjölnir RDA – recalling the ReBirth RDA at the same time

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Hi my dear vapers friends, today we will take a look at the very unusual Mjölnir RDA drip performed by Cthulhu Mod.

Just the other day, the guys again decided to please their fans with an unusual device, to the creation of which the surveyor Anthony Vapes had a hand. The device was named Mjölnir RDA in honor of the hammer of Thor of the same name, but, unfortunately, it does not allow its owner to fly and lightning. But it has some remarkable features, which we now see.

cthulhu mj lnir rda for sale

One of the main features of the vape tanks is its blowing system. So, the air sucked through the holes on the sides of the skirt will be directed downwards at an angle, falling straight into the spiral. Thus, in Mjölnir RDA, it was possible to achieve a full blower without any tricks.

cthulhu mj lnir rda review

The constructive deck, by the way, clearly demonstrates the operation of the blowing system. Two holes in the dome are combined with those on this very deck, and the whole thing is regulated by the banal rotation of the dome. Here you can see how high the base is and, accordingly, the spiral to the drip types.

Technical characteristics:
Height: 29.3mm
Diameter: 24mm
Weight: 60g
One helix
Lower airflow
Gas station: top, squonker
Spaciousness: about 1,8ml
Drip types: 810, 510 (via adapter)

To improve the taste transfer in Mjölnir RDA, there are double walls of the dome of the evaporation chamber, artificially reducing the diameter to 20 mm. There is also a spherical treatment, which in the same way will only benefit drip tip.

And like the normal diameter, here I mentioned another RDA – Hellvape ReBirth BF RDA. Adjust the tightening torque can be a banal turn of the dome relative to the deck. There are also so-called locks here, so that the dome does not scroll and it was possible to easily twist the drip from the mod.

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For these two pre-ordered RDA, which one Is your best choice?

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