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Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Review – The Glory of the Bearded Pharaoh

When it comes to the famous reviewers in Europe and America, RiP Trippers is definitely one of them.The vape tank I shared today is the Pharaoh’s successor,collaborative designed by RiP Trippers and Digiflavor,the Pharaoh Mini RTA.

Pharaoh Mini comes with three sizes of tip drips. One narrow mouth 510 tip drip with two slightly different height 810 tip drip. The side of the chamber is the head of the Pharaoh, and the other side is the name of Pharaoh, just like the Pharaoh RTA. The atomization chamber has a diameter of 18mm and a height of 15mm and has a one-piece cone-shaped gathering. Because there is a two-piece wire table in the inside, the atomization space is not very large.

Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA Tank

Pharaoh Mini adds tank lock to the top of the inner cover where the atomization chamber and refilling hole are located. The longer locking piece on the right side is fixed when converted to a long tube. Although it is necessary to unlock the paddles to disassemble, this allows for an additional process during cleaning, which provides a layer of protection when refilling or observing cotton conditions.

Compare the 2mm glass tube with the Pharaoh Mini RTA after installing the airway extension ring, the small tube which is easy to carry or the longer tube which has 5ml e-juice capacity, you can choose which you like. Individuals prefer the overall sense of longer tube, in addition to the increase in e-juice storage, it also blocks the e-juice from the frying due to the increase in the airway.

The air intake of the Pharaoh Mini takes up almost half of the width of the deck, so the airflow can easily bring the atomized particles into the air inlet, and it also has a good help for the dissipation of heat, which makes it very comfortable when dealing with filaments.

About the Pharaoh Mini RTA’s performance. This time using 24AWG SS316 single wire coil with 3.0mm diameter, because Pharaoh Mini is a simple upper air intake, it is controlled directly at the small intake air volume. After turning the air intake to the minimum, then slightly close 1/3, the taste makes me feel satisfying. The Pharaoh Mini does not have much decoration in the analysis. The air intake hole and the sheet frame table occupying almost half of the space of the bottom and the atomization chamber makes it faithfully and quickly react to the flavor after atomization of the e-juice.

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