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EHPRO 2-in-1 Fusion Kit – A Very Ambitious And Innovative Kit

The EHPRO Fusion 2-in-1 kit is a new box mod and RDTA full kit from EHPRO. This company has come a long way since the clone days! The Fusion 2-in-1 is not your normal kit by any means. EHPRO really set out to do some innovation with this kit. Far beyond anything I’ve seen recently. It’s a dual-185650 mod capable of 150 watts but has 2 separate chips in it that can be used to power each coil independently in the RDTA. each coil also has its own 2 mL capacity tank. That could allow endless possibilities of mixing together your flavors in a unique way. It’s currently on sale at for $78.9.

Starting off with the mod itself, this is the first mod to feature 2 separate chips – each capable of 100 watts when used in “dualway”. When used in the “single-way” it delivers 150 watts. It also has all the temp control modes we’ve come to expect. What separates this mod is the dual chips. They can be adjusted separately – each coil to be powered by each chip independently. So you can build two different coils in 2 sized and with different specs – vape one at 30 watts and maybe one at 60. Not 100% sure why anyone would want to, but I appreciate the innovation and tech always interests me.

It can still be used as a regular mod as well with all your current atomizers. It’s got a similar shape to the Battlestar and Minikin 2 mods. But this one has the battery door on the bottom with a hinged door like a Smok Alien. It features a large screen with a lot of information on it as well as LED indicator lights on the side. It has custom TCR settings and a Bypass mode too. Each chip has its own plus and minus adjustment buttons on the front and the large fire button blends in seamlessly on the mod. Aesthetically, it’s a nice sleek design and it’s bi-color contrast really stands out.


The Fusion RDTA features a dual coil deck similar to the Wismec Inde Duo RDA, but has two separate chambers for different flavors, each holding 2 mL. Much like the EHPRO Big Bear RDTA. It features adjustable side airflow and has no branding on the tube. Just a solid color.

This RDTA is specifically designed to allow you to use the Fusion Mod to its fullest – like two box mods and RTAs in one. You can get pretty crazy with the combinations. Different coils, different juice, different wattages. Wow! But the question remains if this kit will perform well or turn out to be a plain ol’ gimmick. I’m interested. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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