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The Experience of COOL Vapor Cavalry RDTA

The RDTA atomizer is a combination of both RDA and RTA advantages. It combines the RTA’s oil storage capabilities with the taste and playability of RDA. However, in the era of bottom-oil-injection, few manufacturers won’t to produce RDTA atomizers.

Today I will bring you the CAVALRY RDTA, which manufactured by domestic team: Cool Vapor. Following Arthur’s RDA atomizer, Cool Vapor introduced another “Myth” series of works, from which it would be not difficult to find the shadow of medieval European cavalry. The angular armor and the impressive tanker line not only make the overall sense of the three-dimensional stronger, but also mix the European retro trend and the current metal frenzy with each other, without feeling any strangeness.

COOL Vapor Cavalry RDTA Tank

Because RDTA has the characteristics of drip storage, it is recommended that you do not make the cotton in the oil tank too long, just tightly seal the oil guide hole, so that not only increase the oil tank capacity, but also can smoke other oil in the case of oil in the oil tank.

Continuation of the style has always been consistent, grainy, hitting-throat and smoke oil resolution are quite high, a simple understanding is to smoke 3 mg of smoke oil, 6 mg of taste, if you like to hit a strong sense of hitting-throat, or for people with large tobacco addiction, the taste of this atomizer is absolutely for you.

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