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GeekVape Zeus X RTA & Damn Vape Fresia MTL/DL RTA – pretty pretty and comfortable

Well, what – which time the company GeekVape “remakes” its Zeus, and the fans each time unhappyly finish it with collective-farm methods. Let’s see it and make a comparison with other RTA from Damn Vape – Fresia.

1. GeekVape Zeus X RTA

The exterior of GeekVape Zeus X RTA is quite decent, as is the equipment. Perhaps the most conspicuous change was the shape of the lid and the slightly fitted “fit” of the tank. The rest of the bow is quite recognizable, it can be said in a corporate style.

GeekVape Zeus X RTA review
GeekVape Zeus X RTA review

While the official release did not take place and only the dark and steel versions were shown to us, variants will probably be added later. Drip tips in the box mod are two, both are 810s – one of the dolrin, the second of the ultem. Moreover, there is an adapter for 510 colleagues in the kit.

The cap will be fixed with a bayonet connection, the size of the filling holes is small. Under it you can see the ring with the risks to adjust blowing. Naturally, again, no spill constructs. The size of each air intake hole is 15 x 2.5mm.

With a capacity, not everything is clear, someone claims that it will be 4.5 ml, others even predict 5.5 ml. However, I am inclined to think that, provided the use of the complete glass bubble is used, it will lock at 4 ml, which is not so much.

2. Damn Vape Fresia MTL RTA

Damn Vape Fresia RTA is quite an interesting project that incorporates the possibilities of both MTL and DTL. It looks pretty, it remains only to wait for the real reviews.

Damn Vape Fresia MTL RTA review
Damn Vape Fresia MTL RTA review

Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: RTA
Capacity: 2 / 3.5ml
Diameter: 22mm landing / 26mm on bubble glass
Height: 43.4mm with Drip type
Connector: 510 pin gold-plated

The original colors offered are only two, but now the developers have added a couple more options. The capacity is not the biggest, but complete bubble glass can come to the rescue. However, it seems to me that our brother has not yet been accustomed to this option on MTL devices.

Although it looks quite normal, in terms of design, the tank also has everything at a decent level, it looks strictly but stylish and will be a great addition to any box mod.

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