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Hotcig R150S Mod VS iJoy Shogun UNIV Mod – Carved ornaments in ancient ways

hotcig r150s tc box mod for sale

Ok, I will end my artistic moment today. Because Hotcig’s next novelty is different and you won’t name it. By the way, we have seen the proposed design, however, it has somehow entered the sizzling series. As a result, developers have introduced a new, independent, already familiar device model — the R150 box mod.

1. Hotcig R150S Mod

As you absolutely guessed, the novelty is a complete copy of the predecessor, but with some changes. It is on them that I will focus your attention.

Hotcig R150S TC Box Mod for sale
Hotcig R150S TC Box Mod for sale

The dimensions remain the same, the ergonomics of bricks with rounded corners and edges also have not gone away. However, now plastic panels are replaced by aluminum ones, plus the whole body is fashioned by original engraving.

Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 25mm
Weight: 265g (doubtful)
Case material: aluminum alloy
Power supply: 2 x 18650
Chipset: Waterproof HM Chip
Output power: 1–150W
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI)
Temperature Range: 200–600 ℉ / 100 ℃ — 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.1–3.0Ω

From the start, developers offer six new design options at once. And in their camp noticed slow moving colors that can catch someone. With the landing of atoms 24mm in diameter, clearly, the problem remained. The cut of the control panel has not changed at all.

However, a new waterproof control chipset is working inside. Rather, judging by the interface, we have already observed a similar in the boxing fashion G177. But in our case it is choked to 150W, so that the name of the mod is consistent with the characteristics.

2. iJoy Shogun UNIV Mod

iJoy Vape Mod compartment is hidden under a removable lid. The latter is fixed with two magnets and sits very securely. That’s just it crawls in its grooves, both in vertical and in horizontal planes. Not to say that this is critical, but some can strain. Naturally, she only works if she is forced to turn over. It did not strain me at all.

buy IJOY Shogun Univ mod
buy IJOY Shogun Univ mod

Functional like everyone has preheating, curves, temperature control, TCR, puff counter and screen off time. There is even a POD mode, which actually turned out to be the usual varivolt, however, higher than the value of 3.8V you will not be allowed to rise.

If I acquired this mod for my hard-earned money, I would definitely be satisfied — Excellent chipset performance, good ergonomics, landing stock. Moreover, atoms with running diameters of 24mm, for example, are not looking at all here. Well, traditional cherries will consider a cool appearance to be almost a humane price tag.

I liked the work of the chipset, the resistance reads correctly — the minimum error is 0.01–0.02Ω. For each battery, a separate informative charge marker, according to my feelings, this instance spends charge rather carefully. I will not say that this can be directly distinguished to an advantage, but the feeling remains.

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