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Hyde Rebel Pro preview: a firm grip from start to finish

Hyde Rebel Pro is the ideal e-cig for ultimate convenience. They can be used right away, they can be recharged, and the battery will run low. It is by far the smoothest, most ergonomically designed single-use product from Hyde yet, but it also contains the largest number of puffs ever, at around 4500 puffs.

Available in 16 flavors, the cylindrical design with a textured pattern gives it a firm grip from start to finish.

Hyde Rebel Pro Rechargeable Disposable Kit review
Hyde Rebel Pro Rechargeable Disposable Kit review

5000 puffs
11mL pre-filled e-liquid
600mAh rechargeable battery
50mg/5% salt-nic
Tobacco-Free Nicotine

Hyde Rebel PRO Disposables are currently available in 22 different flavors, each in a 10ml capacity and a 50mg/ml concentration. Like all other disposables, it has a built-in smart firefighting system that activates without pressing a button when inhaling.

buy Hyde Rebel Pro disposable
buy Hyde Rebel Pro disposable

All you need to do is inhale and a sensor inside will trigger the internal ignition system. The bottom of the device is where the airflow is, so be careful not to cover them or the disposable device won’t work properly. When you inhale, the air is drawn in through the airflow, which is what triggers the sensor.

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