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Innokin EQ Pod System Kit – with a rich flavor

innokin EQ kit in stock

Hello, my vapors, long time no see. I have just spent my holiday, now here I continue to introduce you vape device. Today is Innokin EQ Kit, a pod type device, but it uses a mesh coil of low resistance and you can enjoy a rich flavor!

innokin EQ kit in stock

The battery part is large, and a cartridge is installed at the tip.

The difference is that there are puff buttons. There is no automatic heating mechanism by suction. Personally, I think this type is not good because it seems to malfunction. So it is better to have a puff button.

Innokin EQ Pod System Kit review

The mouthpiece part has been narrowed down to make it easy to hold.

The tank part is quite dark smoke, so you can not see the inside unless you hold it over the light. The point is that it is hard to see the remaining e-liquid level.

The internal coil has a low resistance value of 0.5 Ω. The side that comes into contact with cotton is also wide and there is no hot spot, the flavor is good and it seems to be long life. The combined cotton also said that wicking is fast.

The regular is 13.5 W and the boost is 15.5 W, which is a difference of only 2 W. It is a pretty dark flavor. As expected the resistance value is low. The taste is relatively well balanced and the flavor can be tasted unnaturally. There is a feeling that it is a little late rise.

Was the taste “feeling” too strong?
There is a feeling that I want a little more change if it says boost. Since it is delicious in the first place, is not it that you did not have to load the element itself by switching mode? Or want to learn about Innokin Endura T18 II Kit?

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