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Joyetech RunAbout Pod System – ideal pod vape kit

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Joyetech RunAbout is a Pod System, made of zinc alloy and plastic, presented in 6 colors, works from the built-in 480 mAh battery, cartridge volume is 2 ml and can be refilled afterwards, you can control the device with the fire button.

Height: 117 mm
Width: 30.5 mm
Thickness: 15.5 mm
Weight: 77.5 grams

runabout in stock

On the side of the vape tank there is a silicone plug through which the filling is carried out with a liquid. The hole for the dressing is not very big and the nose of Chubby Gorilla is somehow inserted.

You can pour liquids for electronic cigarettes with both normal nicotine, for example, the ratio of glycerol to propylene glycol as 70 to 30, and with salt – 50 to 50
The battery part is made of zinc alloy and has plastic inserts that can be selected in a specific color.

Above there is a place for planting the cartridge, which is highlighted at the time of soaring. From the bottom of the port to connect the cable, below which the LED that lights up at the time of tightening.

In the middle is the fire button. It turns on after the fire button is pressed 5 times.

Overall impression
It is convenient to use this Pod System. Control with a button allows you to control the process of soaring, and with the button more durable devices than those that automatically work at the time of tightening.

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And if you want to another style of vape device, next time I will tell you the features about Joyetech EXCEED Edge Kit, please wait in the coming soon articles, thank you and may you vaping happy in your leisure life.

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