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Justfog C601 Pod System Kit Review – Always High Cost Performance

Justfog Minifit pod system kit has become another explosion in the market with its absolute high-cost performance, ultra-small size, excellent workmanship, and experience. In the recent period, the brand’s C601 KIT has appeared in the market. First of all, I pointed out here that the C601 KIT is not exactly the Minifit’s new model nor a continuation, but is a completely different product.

The surface of the kit is made of rubber paint with a certain matte feel, whose feeling is even better than some other products that are similar to rubber paint. The texture and touch are very strong. But the important point is the clips on the body. The intention is to be able to be clipped on clothes and belts. It is quite a style of hanging paging receiver in the 1990s. It’s just that if someone really wears it in the clothes or at the waist, it’s really outdated. In addition, the angle of inability to rotate to the end is really frustrating for obsessive-compulsive patients, making it difficult for ordinary players to understand.

Then in addition to the useless clip function and the inability to rotate to the end these two controversial points, the thickness of this clip makes the body’s relatively slim body look too bloated in the visual or in the hands. If just add this design just for “fashion”, it is a bit of a superfluous feeling. The only comfort is that the weight of 29g is still very light.

Justfog C601 review

C601 still adopts a button ignition, which is “hidden” in the axial center of the clip, and also has an LED indicator light inside (70-100% power is white light, 30-70% power is blue light, 0- 30% of the power is red, and the light will be extinguished when fully charged). Its pressing feel is crisp and comfortable, but you will still hear a shredded sound when you shake it.

Its charging interface is set on one side, and there are 3 air inlet holes on each side (the C601 cartridge is a single-sided air intake, so that the user does not need to tangled the installation direction of the cartridge).

The cartridge is equipped with a 1.7ml cotton coil, which has the same resistance as the Minifit. As for workmanship, first class.

Justfog C601 green

The inside of the vent is still a condensation-proof design. Remember to use a paper towel to penetrate inside and absorb the condensation. After daily use, it is difficult to smoke the condensation unless it is inverted.

In terms of the sucking resistance of the cartridge, the C601 will be more compact than the previous generation. At the same time, because of the larger battery capacity, if you are a real senior DIY vaper, you can find that in the same 1.6Ω coil, the main discharge of C601 will be larger, so the taste after atomization will be significantly better than Minifit.

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