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KAEES Solomon 3 RTA + vgod sour licious e-juice – thoughtful and classic construction

kaees solomon 3 rta review

More than a year ago, KAEES, a start-up company, introduced the Solomon RTA two-helix serviced tank, which could not boast of any advanced developments, but was notable for its thoughtful and classic construction, which ensured the device, though not staggering, but still a success.

Subsequently, KAEES continued the “Solomon” line with a single-spiral version, which did not receive due demand. Today we will get acquainted with the third version of KAEES called Solomon 3 RTA.

1.KAEES Solomon 3 RTA

Solomon 3 RTA was released in three standard colors to date: steel, black and blue. The device received a diameter of 25mm and a height of almost 50mm, as well as support for Drip types 810 and 510 format. Compatibility with the latter, as is often the case, is achieved with the aid of the supplied adapter. The exterior of the device has undergone significant changes, but has retained its recognition thanks to the company logo with the head of a lion.

KAEES Solomon 3 RTA review
KAEES Solomon 3 RTA review

Of the currently relevant features in the device, we can note the variability in the volume. So, it will be possible to use an atom out of the box with both standard 3.5ml direct glass and its “bubble version”, which already increases capacity to 5ml.

One of the key pieces of the Solomon 3 RTA is the local airflow system, implemented as an upper air intake, regulated by a special swivel ring. The further path of the air flow will run through the inner walls of the dome of the evaporation chamber, which, in turn, is presented in two types with different shape and number of holes.

2. OBS Cheetah III RDA 25mm

The newly baked device called Cheetah III RDA is a continuation of former series. The device is available in three typical OBS versions of the case: in steel, black and gray. On the side skirt there is a corporate logo of all atoms of the Cheetah series with the image of a cheetah.

OBS Cheetah III RDA 25mm in stock
OBS Cheetah III RDA 25mm in stock

By its dimensions, the Cheetah III RDA is a fairly massive drip, and its diameter is somewhat unusual for devices of a similar 25mm format and made of the same novelty 304 stainless steel labeling.

As for the deck of the atomizer, the structural pillars and the method of fastening the two spirals migrated here from the Engine 2 RTA from the same manufacturer. Separately, it is worthwhile to focus on the system of supplying e-liquid(vgod sour licious e-juice) through the squonk-pin. At the very top of the base there is a tube with two outlets directed to the spiral, from which, in fact, the liquid will immediately flow to the winding.

By the way, have you noticed that these two vape tanks all have animal-like patterns? So RDA or RTA would you like better?

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