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Luxotic BF Kit – stylish squonker from Wismec

The Wismec company usually reacts to the wishes of the market very quickly. This time, specifically in the case of a wave of popularity on Squonk devices, they somehow stopped. But now, they released their first products for this niche, Wismec did it very cool – Luxotic BF Kit.

wismec luxotic bf kit review

The response to the sudden popularity of the squonk format in the wapping world was a huge number of new products from all kinds of products. In this case, most of the available boxes were almost identical devices and choice, in fact, the buyers were not so wide. But what the guys from Wismec showed is just something. I am now talking about the appearance.

The Chinese just waited until the first wave passes and rolled out their stylish handsome. Agree, compared to the army of monotonous boxes, mostly coated with Resin, wismec Luxotic BF kit looks like a real king. You can choose from three options – resin and two “honeycomb” in different colors. For all my conservatism, in this case I would choose one of the “honey” options. Panels are removable, so that you can diversify the collection.

wismec luxotic bf kit for saleThe first thing to be said about is not a fully mechanical mode. Yes, Wismec decided to go a little different way and released a device with a simple board that is designed to make the process of hovering more comfortable and safe. Yes, real furriers may not like it, but most of this option will be preferable.

But the problem is that in the description there is practically no information about what the fee may still be. As for me, one mention of the maximum power in 100W is not enough. For example, I would like to know about the threshold of resistance. Well, all right, Wismec decided that we do not need to know about the possibilities of this block miracle in the upper part of the case. So, what else do we have? A compartment for one 18650 and a super ribbon. We will wait for the first reviews.

luxotic bf kit easy to use

By the way, the indicator is built into the button, which is responsible for communication with the user. I suppose that the color will change depending on the battery charge level. Also I liked the realization of the Squonk system here. In order to get the bottle you need to remove the “bottom” of the case. As for me, it is much more convenient than when you are trying to contrive and still put the bottle in place.

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