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Naked 100 Tobacco American Patriot and Maui Sun E-juice Review – A Clean, Yet Natural Tasting Vaping Experience

Naked 100 vape juice was created by the Schwartz e-cigarette team with simple fruit flavors, and their experience is beyond doubt. Schwartz will simply and boldly take fruit-flavored e-juice to a whole new level, and Naked 100 is designed to provide you with a fresher, more natural e-juice experience. It is also designed to provide unique flavors that are not experienced in past like Lava Flow, Amazing Mango and Green Blast, let you enjoy the e-juice better. Today we will review two flavor: Tobacco American Patriot and Maui Sun.

Both two types of e-juice are designed in a simple and generous pattern. The PET bottle is labelled purely natural, and the black bottle cap is fresh and elegant. There is no swanking pattern but it is still pleasing, which is due to the excellent reputation that Naked 100 has left after the hot sale in the international market. List of recipes for smoked oil from the side of the brand: The finest tobacco flavor from American soil for Tobacco American Patriot flavor, and Pineapple, orange and tangerine for Maui Sun flavor.

The device I used to test is Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit, and the atomizer is the finished RDA: Guillotine V2 RDA. Here I thank vapesourcing vape shop online to offer me these.

The first one is Tobacco American Patriot e-juice.

As a 0mg nicotine concentration e-juice, I believe the data of this e-juice is not false.The throat-hitting feeling is good, and its taste is the most acceptable in the tobacco flavor e-juice that I have tasted.The sweetness is moderately low, similar to the scent of Cuban cigars, but not so heavy.It’s a bit like buttery tobacco without the taste of butter. This blend of tobacco tastes good.

Naked 100 Tobacco American Patriot

The second one is Maui Sun e-juice.

When the bottle is opened, the splendid fragrance comes from the nose. The mystery of the various fruits meets people and can’t guess the sweet and sour. The flavor of the pineapple is still the most obvious.The richness of the color has blended the aromas of various tropical and subtropical fruits such as oranges, tangerine and lemons, making the sense of smell very smooth.While inhaling is a delicious blend of sweet but not greasy pineapple, orange and citrus scent can be clearly perceived, and the taste continues until the exhalation,which is not disappointed.We have to admit that this e-juice has made the fusion of tastes mouth-watering, and it seems to be the representative of Hawaii’s prestige.

Naked 100 Maui Sun

For the Naked 100, when it comes to good taste, high quality, sufficient quantity and low price, this has become a national-grade e-juice product, which is worthy of everyone’s test.

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