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A new starter vape pen from Innokin – Endura T18X again with a starter kit

Just yesterday, we appreciated this manufacturer’s update, and today we have seen a new member of the Endura series-yet another starter kit – Endura T18X. Let’s not delay acquaintance, because the device is as simple as possible as always.

Innokin Endura T18-X Starter Kit review
Innokin Endura T18-X Starter Kit review

Dimensions: 143 x 18mm (complete kit)
Body material: aluminum alloy / stainless steel
Power supply: built-in 1000mAh Atomizer
capacity: 2.5ml Vaporizer
resistance: 1.5 / 1.7Ω
Power: up to 13.5W
Operating mode: Power
Supported resistance:1.3 – 3.5Ω
Protection: low/high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / over-discharge
Connector type: 510, pin spring-loaded

Novelty designs are corporatized—albeit as corporatized designs—being mediocre and simple or democratic. No decorations, no carvings, except for a modest inscription that may indicate the model of the equipment.

The durable aluminum body “hidden” the commonly used e-cigarette pen underneath. The line starts in seven extraordinary colors – there will definitely be plenty to choose from.

Innokin Endura T18-X Starter Kit for sale
Innokin Endura T18-X Starter Kit for sale

Vape Tank
Complete non-service – Prism T18 Tank – new. It is refueled from above and has two drip types at once, the landing of the latter is most likely 510th. The capacity is slightly larger than the standard one.

Replaceable evaporators are “innovative”-they are shaped like bullets, but the manufacturer calls this shape a prism. According to the developer, these taste great. There are two types of coils in total, but only one will be in the box, but the number is doubled.

The battery is charged by means of a modern connector, and the current is not the fastest. It will take at least two hours, which is “an unaffordable luxury” for a user by Innokin today’s standards.

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