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OBS Cube X, OBS Cube MTL and OBS Cube Mini kit-OBS Cube Family

We can see that the OBS Cube series is the most representative of the vape market. Its all-metal shell design brings a strong sense of metal always let the customer pay the price! So today we have a new member of the OBS family-OBS Cube X Kit 80W!

Cube X

As the third generation OBS Cube box mod, the Cube X comes in a larger size but remains as friendly as ever. Compared to the other two mods, OBS Cube MTL Kit and Cube Mini, the size of this Cube X box has been increased by several millimeters. But it’s hard to notice unless you put them together. Thanks to OBS’s excellent craftsmanship, the Cube X mod still offers a more comfortable grip, as usual, thanks to its rounded corner design!

Cube MTL

Despite having the same wattage and the same 0.96-inch OLED display, the OBS Cube X Mod has a completely new look. Unlike the first generation of simple colored metal frames, the OBS Cube X Mod comes with patterned panels on all four sides. Frankly, this is so cute!

The differences between OBS Cube X, OBS Cube MTL, and OBS Cube Mini kit:

OBS Cube MTL Kit contains OBS Cube Mod and Engine MTL tank, it is powered by single built in 23600 battery with 3000mAh capacity and can fire up to 80w max output. The OBS Cube Mini kit includes the OBS Cube Mini Box Mod and the OBS Cube Mini Sub Ohm Tank. But the OBS Cube X has the Cube Mesh X Tank, now let’s see this tank features:

Cube Mini

>>Cube Mesh X Tank

To be honest, you can find no big difference in this Cube X Tank except for the new reticular coils inside. The same SS material, the same size, and the same juice capacity compared with the cube tank on the first generation cube set.As for the new reticular coil, M1 single coil, and M3 triple coil, in Cube X slot. There’s really no need to go any further. Real performance still depends on how people use it!

Now you can find the whole OBS cube family in our store-vape online store

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