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The Powerful Marshal SMOK G320

g320 kit

The size of the electronic cigarette mod from the initial single battery power to the three or four batteries power currently, it growing up so fast, 200W 220W 250W 300W. The The Alone from the figures. Personally I feel a little bit that it beyond the scope of our daily use, and it becomes larger and more portable inconvenience and other issues. Of course, if you want to experience a three batteries mod, you can buy one to play, but remember do not blindly to pursue, choose your needed is the right. I also experienced a high power three batteries mod recently – SMOK G320.

G320 Kit designed by SMOK team with heart, is the ultra-updated kit that has the most power, most capabilities and smart design for triple 18650 batteries yet in a most compact form, which definitely satisfies any vaper in every aspect, the new and powerful chip has a maximum output of 320 watts and it also has advanced temperature control functions, the accompany TFV8 big baby tank is the newest tank from the famous TFV series sub ohm tank, which is the favorite tank of SMOK CEO, all of the possibilities giving us a strong feeling and recommendation: innovation keeps changing the vaping experiences.

g320 kit

G320 mod can choose two or three batteries power, two kinds of install way respectively, corresponding to the maximum 220W and maximum 320W. The length of the mod is61.5mm wide 31mm, high 89.5mm, looks only a little more than the ordinary dual power mod. Mod style is very simple, positive and negative sides only has “SMOK” and “G320” LOGO, fire button occupy the top side of the press up crisp and powerful, adjust the keys may operate up to feel relatively small, the whole oval handle grip is good , In fact, this mod will give me a feeling of mechanical warfare.

The top area is still very big, 24mm atomizer installed after the comparison also feel that the host is relatively small, 510 interface is higher than the plane a little bit, install the atomizer can feel the spring force is very full, especially in the last few times, the thread under pressure Will obviously feel the resistance.

smok marshal kit

Screen is on the top, I very like this screen personally, power and voltage and other data is very comprehensive and provides a temperature display, according to the above PCB words should be the detection of the internal board temperature changes, the screen is also raised around The treatment should take into account the occurrence of liquid spills if the plane may penetrate the screen from the gap.

All in all, it is very powerful, easy to operate, comfortable to grip. The new three-electric horizontal design, screen data retention, three or two-batteries conversion is the novelty of this box. If you are interest in three-batteries mod, SMOK G320 is worth for buying!

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