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The Promising New SMOK Stick Prince Kit – A Cool Vape Kit

There is no doubt that the new SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank will begin to show up in upcoming SMOK Kits more and more. We are previewing two new Kits today that will use the Prince tank, and will show up on vape shop shelves and vendor websites over the next month. This Preview is for the SMOK Stick Prince, the latest, and most assuredly, the greatest, pen-style vape kit to come from SMOKTech yet. This one just might be the first pen-style vape I’ll use on a daily basis.

Stick Prince kit review

And Then There Is The G-PRIV 2 LUXE Edition w/Prince

The SMOK G-PRIV 2 LUXE Edition is a powerful, sexy beast, sporting the Prince Tank. I have to admit, I am liking where this new direction is headed. The G-PRIV 2 LUXE will be a luxurious version of the G-PRIV 2, with a full 2.0-inch Touchscreen, 230W of power, gorgeous new finishes, and of course, the TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. But let us return to the Stick Prince…

Stick Prince – Powerful Pen-Style Vape Kit with a new Prince Coil

Since this is a Pen-Style device, the Stick Prince will use a new proprietary coil, the Prince-M4 Coil. This is a Coil you cannot use in the Variable Wattage Mods.

The Prince-M4 has a low resistance Kanthal wire of 0.17-ohm, and a wattage range of 30-70W (optimal is 40-60). However, as with other “M” series coils, the Prince-M4 was made for mechanical mods. And the SMOK Stick Prince is, basically, a mech-mod, pushing a voltage range of 3.7-4.2v, decreasing as the 3000mAh battery drains down.

SMOK Stick Prince – Direct Voltage Vape Pen

The Stick Prince will be a powerful direct voltage pen-style Stick with a 3000mAh battery and the marvelous TFV12 Prince tank, and I have no doubt it will become the favorite pen-style mod from SMOK yet. The color selection is spectacular, offering users the choice of black, red, blue, gold, purple, 7-color, green, and stainless. Each battery and tank are color matched, and each sport a Cobra Drip Tip that looks best with your color choice.

The 3000mAh Stick Battery

The battery portion of the Stick Prince has a new design, sporting a new, large, hexagon power button and a carved battery base that SMOK says will feel more luxurious than previous Stick pen-style kits. Looking at the photos included in this preview I tend to believe it.

Battery Life – Since the new Prince-M4 Coil was designed specifically for the Stick Prince, the 3000mAh battery capacity will last for several hours. Why? Because the optimal wattage for the Stick is just 60W, which requires much less power than vaping the Prince with the SMOK Mag Kit, and the Prince-T10 Coil. I think that testing the device when it arrives will yield 6 or 7 hours of serious vaping before a recharge is needed. If SMOK plays it right, the Stick Prince should have a 2A or even 2.5A recharge ability, making the downtime between charges much shorter than other Vape Pens.

The TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank has an 8ml e-juice capacity, while the Prince-M4 coil uses the same hyper engine coils found in standard Prince coils. I have every reason to expect huge clouds and incredible flavor from the coil. The Prince-M4 coil has the large e-liquid ports that are also seen in the other Prince coils, so in addition to long battery life, big clouds and flavor, I am not expecting to experience dry hits from my preference of strong Direct Lung hits.

SMOK Stick Prince ETA and Expected Price

Stick Prince Kit

Knowing SMOK products as well as I do, unless SMOK underpowered the Mod, the Stick Prince should deliver a tremendously satisfying vape experience for vape pen. While I hope the Stick Prince Kit will run about $35.99, it could demand as high as $39.95.  Just buy it in quickly!

The SMOK Stick Prince Kit Includes:

  • 1x Stick Prince
  • 1x TFV12 Prince Tank
  • 2x V12-Prince-M4
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • Spare Parts

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