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RDA’s Good Companion – HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod

Weight is an important factor affecting the experience of dual-battery equipment. High-power equipment is often subject to excessive weight due to the number of batteries, which is very inconvenient to carry out. However, the portable single-battery equipment also has its own shortcomings in the practical use of low-resistance and high-output. Therefore, from the perspective of use, the high-quality lightweight dual-battery mod is the first choice of the big smoke lovers.

HCigar recently introduced a lightweight dual-battery mod, Wildwolf 235W, which continues to be designed by the TOWIS team and uses the latest XT235 chip.

The WILDWOLF Mod 235W has four official colors. The experienced model is a metal black matte surface with an excellent touch. After 2018, the host product is popular in the design of the center. The officially distributed atomizer decorative ring is suitable for atomizers whose diameter are smaller than 24mm, so it is not awkward to install a small diameter atomizer on the mod.

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The addition of the function confirmation key eliminates many complicated combinations of button commands and makes the operation more intuitive and quick. The square TFT color display is delicate, with the detailed UI layout of the TOWIS XT235 chip and the symmetrical button design on the front of the mod. This is a high-powered mod that absolutely satisfies compulsive patients.

In addition to the temperature control and custom curve functions that everyone has, the VOLT mode of the voltage display is representative of the minimalist concept. We know that no matter what the value of the power output is, in actual use, the chip is matched with the output voltage after the resistor is paired. In the general reasonable range, the voltage is always in a range. This is also the rumor that “regardless of its resistance, it is always 3.9. V”, and VOLT is a way to get rid of annoying power values.

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The output is stable and accurate, and the ignition speed is quick. In the use of WILDWOLF 325W, the high-quality tuning of the TOWIS XT235 chip can be truly felt. This is a chip that has no problem. Relying on the ultra-light weight of the mod itself and the compact size, it is perfectly matched with RDA(rebuildable dripping atomizer) and low-resistance RTA(rebuildable tank atomizer) for outing.

Pod Systems has become the mainstream, which does not mean that the followers of the big smoke will be reduced, and the same large smoke equipment has been designed to optimize the experience. As discussed in this article, Hcigar WILDWOLF 235W, it is fully practical in the overall design, lightweight, good feeling, reliable output overall performance is considered one of the best choices for the current large smoke mods.

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