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Rebirth RDA – another highlight from HellVape

hellvape rebirth rda in stock

Hi guys. Have you enjoyed yourself in the past Black Friday? After that, I also want to promote another device from Mike Vapes – Rebirth RDA. This is a very tasty RDA, from the point of view of its structure, it is designed only for two spirals, with a bottom blowout like a good Kennedy RDA(Kennedy Vindicator Style mod is in pre-order).

Hellvape ReBirth BF RDA review

1. Package
2. Information for information
3. Overview
4. Installing spirals and laying cotton wool
5. Overall impression
6. Advantages

Rebirth RDA is made of stainless steel and can be in 9 colors: black, steel, has lower adjustable blowing, by rotating the skirt, has a spherical processing of the dome, the ability to work on squonker devices, the base serves one and two spirals, the depth of the bath 6 mm.

Inside the dome is spherical and this has a favorable effect on the taste. Locks are also visible. The base has two frames with low airflow and a bath depth of 6 mm.

Hellvape ReBirth BF RDA for sale
Hellvape ReBirth BF RDA

Overall impression
If Dragos would have tried Hellvape Rebirth RDA, he would definitely have included her in the squad of tastes. Perfectly decomposes notes of taste. Drip turned out and bulk.

In fact, Mike collected all the best that was in the Kennedy RDA, improved the weak points and released an interesting device, which judging by the price, will go to the people for a long time. Condensate will only be collected on the air holes.

hellvape drop dead rda review

Meanwhile, here let me recalled an old product from Hellvape, I think you know what I mean, yes, Hellvape Drop Dead RDA! You can also be reminded from best vape shop online by vapesourcing:

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