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Small Gun SMOK MAG Baby 50W Kit Review

As technology products continue to evolve, electronic products such as mobile phones are no longer limited to functionality, the appearance and design of individuality are becoming more and more important. Otherwise, it is easy to disappear in the thousands of the same products. As one of them, e-cigarettes naturally need to follow this rule. E-cigarettes with powerful functions, outstanding appearance, and full personality will be more competitive in the market.

The SMOK MAG Baby kit we reviewed today is such an e-cigarette with a very high degree of visual recognition that people can remember at a glance, which is produced by SMOK.

The MAG Baby mod features a pistol-like eye-catching style, an all-metal mid-frame body, and a piano-gloss finish, the appearance is outstanding. The mod’s body is very small, it is slightly larger than the Zippo lighter.


MAG BABY mod’s front did not place any function buttons this time, so the compact body presents a complete butt style, and the overall feeling is very good. A 1-inch monochrome screen was placed in the position of the stock holding handle, and it is very clear. Nowadays the SMOK is famous for its colorful screen,  this monochrome screen configuration is a bit simple. However, for such a compact body, this screen is very large, and the reading effect is very good. An ergonomic concave mouth design can be seen above the mod for a more comfortable grip. There are also 3 rows of cooling holes on it, but I personally think that this design is more for modeling and aesthetics. In fact, it does not have such high heat dissipation requirements.

Due to the use of a monochrome screen, players who are familiar with SMOK should know that this is a standard model of the SMOK flagship model such as Alien etc more than a year ago, so the menu system uses the familiar structure. Although the monochrome screen effect and resolution are not as bright as SMOK’s new flagship high-definition color screen, there is no problem in using and readability.

The matching atomizer of MAG Baby kit is TFV12 Baby Prince tank , which is the smallest atomizer in the entire TFV12 atomizer family. We had reviewed this tank before, so here we are not going to talk about it.

In a word, the MAG Baby kit follows the previously attractive MAG kits’ pistol design, which brings a distinctive appearance, but also brings a very comfortable ergonomic user experience, super mini-small size, brings great convenience to the portability of going out; Compared with the MAG kit, MAG Baby kit still maintains full-featured design, power temperature control and other functions, and supports maximum 50W power output for portable smoke and play primary smoke, convenient and practical. Such a super-mini small pistol, I believe will become the favorite toy of players who have a unique personality.

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