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Vandy Vape Phobia V2 BF RDA VS Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Hello everyone, this is Thomas. Last week I got a package from my old friend vapesourcing, they sent me the latest BF RDA from Vandy Vape: Phobia V2 for reviewing. The coincidence is that I have a Hellvape Drop Dead RDA these days, which is very popular among vapors. So today I will make a comparative evaluation of these two vape RDA.

The first one is Vandy Vape Phobia V2, whose deck is a dual coil, post-less design, and features exposed threads on the set screws. Since the airflow is now coming in from the sides, there is no longer the air flow to contend with under the coils. The building is fairly easy, and the included coil length tool is a bonus for pre-measuring with this deck. The air flow features three vertical slots that directly line up with the coil when all three are open. It is very airy when fully open, which is why I choked it down to 2 holes open.

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About the Phobia V2’s performance. I felt that it brought out some of the sweeter sides in my vape juice, but lacked a bit on the creamier flavors. The side airflow is great for reducing the leaking issues, but it comes with a set of cons. The air flow inlets have sharper edges, which make the air flow feel a bit on the turbulent side. Totally it doesn’t give me a very smooth experience.

The second one is Hellvape Drop Dead RDA, if you have seen the deck of the Drop, then you basically saw the deck from the Drop Dead. They took the same post configuration, made some minute changes to the size, and colored them in the same fashion as the Dead Rabbit deck. Like the Drop and Dead Rabbit, the coil position is key to performance. The air flow on this is very similar to the Dead Rabbit. The only aspect of the Drop is the fact that it has holes on it rather than one wide open slot.

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About the Drop Dead RDA’s performance. Like I said above, the air flow is like a smoother Dead Rabbit. I like this design better than the Drop, but the side air flow of the Drop provides better flavor because it hits more of the coil surface. Vapor production is solid, and it isn’t bad by any means, it just gets beat out on flavor by the Drop.

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