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Vapesoul Arrival PK Joyetech Atopack Magic Kit – simpleton with ambitions

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Well, today’s pod vape has an interesting name – Arrival. Vapesoul has nowhere to appear and doesn’t have much time to remember. This variety lacks a variety of equipment, but it is difficult to meet them in sales, and I still don’t speak for real users. Obviously, these guys decided to correct this situation with the help of a new arrival.

1. Vapesoul Arrival Kit 800mAh

I am already familiar with the products of this manufacturer, so I didn’t even try hard to find real photos. Perhaps in the near future they will appear, but for now you will have to be content with renders. And they depict a compact monolithic device with a “rich” logo in the center of the case.

Vapesoul Arrival pod vape review
Vapesoul Arrival pod vape review

Height – 78 mm.
Width – 43 mm.
Thickness – 14.6 mm.

From the pleasant little things I would like to mention a flat bottom area that will allow you to put the mod on the table. Usually, in this form factor, rounded edges do not allow this.

In short, nothing cosmic is the usual POD system. As for the color options, I am a little confused with my color blindness. IMHO, they all somehow resemble each other and there is no real alternative. Although, I do not exclude the fact that it’s just that they are fooling me, or the question as renders πŸ™‚

Everything will be fine, but the possibility of retaining the bare mold, because the consumables are not excluded anywhere. In this regard, of course, the choice of more famous manufacturers seems more attractive.

2. Joyetech Atopack Magic Kit 1300mAh

Atopack Magic Joyetech Kit is an innovatively coil-less pod vape kit for MTL vaper. As a new member of the Atopack series, it is much smaller than its predecessors.

Joyetech Atopack Magic Kit in stock
Joyetech Atopack Magic Kit review

Features and Specs:
All-new ATOPACK, smaller but huger vapor
Innovative Coil-less NCFilm with long lifespan
First pod with quick-to-change cotton system
Optimized for nicotine salts with rich flavor
Ultra-efficient low voltage and 1300mAh battery life
7.0ml refillable large capacity
Multi protections for safety vaping
Size: 101.0*38.0*18.0mm

Having 1300mAh battery capacity, the ATOPACK Magic, coupled with Joyetech ultra-efficient low voltage solution, making the battery lasts longer. It is compatible with nicotine salts and can produce rich flavor thanks to the NCFilm heater.

The Arrival cartridge is designed for 2 ml of liquid and can be operated on a vertical ceramic evaporator with a resistance of 1.2 ohms. Now let’s move on to those who are used to the service: D. Meanwhile, an Atopack Magic cartridge will cost you about $3 from Vapesourincg. I think this is very well for large vape juice requirement.

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