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Vaping the 235W GeekVape Blade Kit, You Choose Right

Geekvape Blade kit is one of the fastest-ramping mods around, offering powerful, measured draws with no hiccups – even at the 235-watt limit. I should mention how HOT the Blade becomes at this level, but with so much battery power underneath the thin exterior, it’s not surprising, either.

Despite the heat, I was very happy with the results, as the mod produced warm, flavorful clouds throughout, with no warnings or misfires.

geekvape blade in stock

The comprehensive, hyper-accurate temperature control suite hit all the right marks, and my various test coils all worked as intended. Other than that, TC modes, TCR adjustments and bypass modes all worked extremely well. Like I mentioned in my first experience with the AS chipset on the GBOX squonker, the VPC mode seems a little awkward without a companion app to help out. It’s not impossible, but I’m not sure it’s an ideal setup, either.

Battery life in the Blade was pretty good, though once again, we fail to see much of a difference in 21700 battery life versus other formats. The included 18650 adapter works well and eliminates rattle, so don’t feel a need to purchase larger cells – the Blade works just fine without them.

The Geek Vape Blade is Available Now at in Starry Night.

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