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Is Vessel Compass Vaporizer currently the best battery for CCELL carts?

As far as Thanksgiving gifts go, getting a temperature-adjustable vaporizer is one of those gifts on my list that you can’t go wrong with. I’m so happy to receive Vessel’s Vessel Compass Oil Cartridge Battery from a friend and give it a try.

Vessel Compass Vaporizer Battery review
Vessel Compass Vaporizer Battery review

The vessel vape compass is small, which means it can be used on the go, and it’s compact so it won’t take up much space in your pocket or bag. The design is smooth, simple and attractive. It has rounded edges that give it a modern look and also slips easily into your pocket. It comes in 5 earth tones, each of which is black.

I want to like sleek, compact designs, but here’s why I don’t: I keep losing this thing.

I dropped the battery with the cartridge in it within the first 2 hours of having it and it broke the cartridge. There is broken glass in the battery. Since it’s new, nothing is sticky and needle nose pliers help release the cartridge. However, I keep giving it up time and time again. It wasn’t because of my negligence or clumsiness. This doesn’t happen with other devices.

buy Vessel Compass Vaporizer Battery
buy Vessel Compass Vaporizer Battery

I even bruised my foot to cushion its fall. It’s a little too high if you ask me.

Also because of its rounded edges, there is no flat edge or base to drop it down to keep it upright. I used the compass for 4 weeks – when I dropped it and broke another cartridge, I was done.

Charging batteries
Compass features a high-capacity 550mAh Li-Ion battery with four adjustable voltage settings. That said, because the battery is so durable, once you charge it, you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

One thing to note here is that it has very specific charging requirements. It doesn’t work with car chargers, and any charger you use must be 5V. It comes with a USB charging cable, but no USB adapter, so you’ll have to provide one that goes with it. It has a charging stand, but it’s sold separately for $42.99 online vapes.

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