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Voopoo Drag 4 Kit review – just with the new UFORCE L tank?

The Drag name is probably one of the most recognizable names in the vaping industry. VOOPOO has just released the latest version of Drag 4 vape. Good to see dual 18650 high powered devices as there’s been a lot of focus on pod systems and disposables lately.

VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit review
VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit review

The Drag 4 has a power range of 5–177W and uses two replaceable 18650s. VOOPOO has made changes to the menu and screen layout and includes a designated lock switch. There’s also a new C-frame design for better battery use.

The Drag 4 can be purchased on its own or with the new UFORCE L tank which we will be reviewing shortly.

Drag 4 177W mod
Dimensions: 52.4mm (W) x 25.4mm (D) x 89mm (H)
Weight: 155g (without batteries)
Structure: zinc alloy + leather + wood
Charging: Type-C USB (5V/3A)
Output power: 5W – 177W
Temperature: 100-315C/200-600F
Output voltage: 3.2V – 8.4V
Resistance range: 0.05 ohms – 3 ohms

After reviewing several pods and mods from Voopoo over the past few years (including their Drag series kits), we were delighted to receive their latest Drag 4 mod kit (including the UForce-L tank) for review.

buy VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit
buy VOOPOO Drag 4 Vape Mod Kit

Their ever-expanding range of Drag kits really has something for everyone, from pods, mods, internal and external battery rigs, small compact stealth pods, and even dual battery mods, the options are endless.

Drag 4 is Voopoo‘s 4th generation mod, improving upon the already popular Drag, Drag 2, and Drag 3 we’ve reviewed this year. It now includes some nifty new features over the Drag 3, while the Drag 4 kit introduces the top-of-the-line triple-rate UForce-L tank that we were eager to test.

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