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Wismec Venti, An Easy-to-use Starter Mod

Wismec Venti Kit

If you’re like me, you started out with the an e-cigarette like the Vapor Zeus and you still love your Vapor Zeus. But maybe, just maybe, you’re getting a lil’ bit curious about mods. If you’re thinking about trying sub-ohm vaping with a mod, but you’re not quite ready to delve into temperature control or coil building, the Wismec Venti is what you need. The design is similar to the eGo One Mega V2, but with a snazzy stainless steel exterior. The Venti is an easy-to-use all-in-one mod that puts everything you need in the palm of your hand. When you buy the Wismec Venti kit, you get:

Wismec Venti Kit    5.8 ml stainless steel tank
510 threaded connection
Stainless steel mod with built-in 18650 battery
Vented mod for battery safety
Charging cable and wall adapter
.5 ohm coil and 1.0 ohm coil

The Wismec Venti is a good, solid tube mod that gives you a nice change if you’re lowering your nicotine level. You can use it with a lower nic strength when you’re just watching Netflix at home. Then, save your Vapor Zeus for when you’re stuck in traffic and crave a higher level of nicotine.Buy the Wismec Venti starter kit at vapesourcing for $31.9 and change the way you’re vaping.

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