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Wotofo Recurve V2 RDA is better than Wotofo Gear V2 RTA?

Today we have information on the new single coil fuel tank from Chinese equipment manufacturer Wotofo – Gear V2 RTA.

Wotofo Gear V2 RTA review
Wotofo Gear V2 RTA review

Well-known company Wotofo recently launched a new product in the form of a small fuel tank called the Gear V2 RTA. This device is a continuation of the OFRF Gear RTA atomizer, maintaining the same concept of simple operation and convenience.

Height: 38.5mm
Diameter: 24mm
Material: SS+PCTG
Capacity: 3.5ml
Base for one helix
Top filling
Bottom airflow

The new Gear V2 RTA vape is currently available in six colors. The device is a compact atomizer with a height of only 38.5 mm and a drip-type built into the filling cap. The diameter of the tank is standard for this format – 24mm. The unit is made of stainless steel and food plastic PCTG.

As a base, the manufacturer offers a helical option that goes through a wide hole from below. The airflow in the device is not regulated, and according to the manufacturer, such a solution enables no condensation to penetrate into the cassette module connector pads.

In addition, the developers have reduced the evaporation chamber to improve flavor transfer. The filling of the liquid tank is carried out through the top cover, and the volume indication is about 3.5ml.

wotofo recurve v2 rda for sale
wotofo recurve v2 rda for sale

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