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Digiflavor Helix Kit VS Acrohm Fush Semi-Mech – remarkable vape pen kit

We all know vape pen kits simulate the feeling of traditional cigarette smoking, and which vape brand would become the best vape pen 2019? Well, here I will show you a new one from Digiflavor and a special Fush Semi-mechanical mod from Acrohm, let’s have a brief learning. 1. Digiflavor Helix Kit with Lumi Tank […]

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Blitz Vigor Squonk Mod PK Yosta Livepor 100 Box Mod – return in a new guise

The Blitz vape company appears rather rarely in my impression. However, they will present new mod recently and the mod is with new guise and really cool. Looking ahead, I’ll say that these guys decided to aim a blow at the “holiest” – single-bank adjustable squonk mod. Also, the team Yosta decided to continue the […]

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WISMEC SINUOUS V80 VS SINUOUS V200 – all with Amor NSE Tank

After releasing Wismec Tinker Kit, it launched two Kit from SINUOUS series, which separately with 80W and 200W output, they all with Amor NSE Tank, here we will make an explanation. 1. WISMEC SINUOUS V80 Kit Wismec SINUOUS V80 kit with semitransparent body is elegantly designed and manufactured. Powered by a single 18650 battery, it […]

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KAEES Solomon 3 RTA + vgod sour licious e-juice – thoughtful and classic construction

More than a year ago, KAEES, a start-up company, introduced the Solomon RTA two-helix serviced tank, which could not boast of any advanced developments, but was notable for its thoughtful and classic construction, which ensured the device, though not staggering, but still a success. Subsequently, KAEES continued the “Solomon” line with a single-spiral version, which […]

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Dovpo Topside Dual Squonker Mod + vgod sour licious e-juice – suitable and complete new design

Hello guys. Dovpo hasn’t been long time present new mod to us. That was the official presentation of the new squonk fashion from the company DOVPO – Topside Dual Squonker Box Mod. After the “triumphant” exit of the Topside squonker, which has a zest in the form of the top filling of the bottle, the […]

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Sport and Style – WISMEC Luxotic DF Kit VS Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit

Hello everyone. Once again, we are welcomed by WISMEC with its new product. This time they decided to reanimate their line of Reuleaux, adding to its new, very significant. In addition, Luxotic DF Kit will also be introduced. 1. WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker Kit It refuels from above – a cover movable. The capacity of the vape tanks are very decent, […]

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