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FamoVape Magma Mod PK iJoy Shogun Univ Mod – Just color like?

Good evening, dear guests and readers of our portal. Today, I would like to take a full look at the final version of the Magma mod, which is similar to the color of iJoy Shogun Univ Mod. And they are just color like? Let’s have a talk.

1. FamoVape Magma Mod

But now we can take a full look at the model box mod Magma from the company Famovape, in order to evaluate its capabilities and features. In addition, below the review I offer you an adequate review of the device, where you will see everything yourself.

FamoVape Magma for sale
FamoVape Magma for sale

In fact, my personal opinion regarding this device remains unchanged , today the same mod is positioned as a novelty, but, in fact, everything is old in it, and the same “filling” and the same bright panels, all this remains in the “magma”.

As always, we will begin our acquaintance with the packaging and with the complete set of the device. What do we have here? Since this mod can be attributed to the average budget models, I will say at once that you should not expect anything interesting. The mod is packed in a small cardboard box with a bright design, colorful drawings, warning labels, all by standards.

The mod works from a stable board (these are not the leading electronics brands for vaping devices, but still) in which there are all sorts of functional features inherent in all modern modes. The maximum mode can produce about 200 watts, the output voltage – 1-7.5 volts. The mod works on two batteries of 18,650.

2. iJoy Shogun Univ Mod

IJoy has pleased Shogun Univ users. Vape is very similar to the drag 2 and can really compete with it.

Users noted that the technical characteristics are not inferior to the Drag 2. Shogun from iJoy vape mod also raises in the range from 0.05 ohms, has a fast fire response, landing at 24 – 26 mm without sides and overhangs.

IJOY Shogun Univ mod review
IJOY Shogun Univ mod review

Among the visual and tactile drawbacks – the connector is not at the level of the upper part of the body, so when you wind the rip, levitation is noticeable. The second moment backlash the battery cover, especially when you squeeze the mod in your hand.

Well, have you ever thought that FamoVape Magma Mod is not just color like with iJoy Shogun Univ Mod?

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