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A New Atomizer: Smoant Battlestar RDA Dripper Atomizer

Smoant Battlestar RDA Dripper Atomizer

The brand Smoant must not stranger for you guys, and their battlestar series is growing day by day. In addition to the battlestar mod, but also launched the battlestar RDTA, the battlestar RTA, In this time, We brought their newest atomizer Battlestar RDA. So what about the atomizer?

24mm brass gold-plated material base, sandblasting oxidation of aviation aluminum material aerosol warehouse, PEI material drip tips. The atomization chamber opens two trapezoidal air inlets, engraved with two diamonds on the top of the airflow, with the exposed brass gold-plated base and yellow PEI drip, it looks like a Surprised face with a hat.

Smoant Battlestar RDA Dripper Atomizer

Drip part: PEI material of the drip tips, it can be a good barrier to the heat transfer, and the structure of the ring can be close to the perfect solution to prevent Ling condensate inlet (with condensate backflow teah ). The location of the fog chamber: the structure of the top of the fog chamber and the structure of the connection with Kennedy is the same as the structure of the built-in apron (which can be interchangeable with the same size of Kennedy). The height of the atomization bin is 21mm, the maximum diameter is 21.5mm, the upper diameter is 20mm (can further compress the atomization space, make the smoke more), the top of the inner warehouse is parallel to the base, and there is no dome-type gathering design.

Nice Smoant Atomizer

All in All, As long as a simple angle processing, you can easily install the heating coil. The size of the threading hole can cope with all 2.5mm width of the coil. One word screw can be a good way to avoid the phenomenon of sliding. Deep up to 6mm of the E-juice storage tank can effectively increase the life of a single drop of E-juice. Slope intake improves the feeling while reducing the overall height of the nebulizer. Blast storage of aerosolized silo can be well strengthened to enhance its wear resistance. The special structure of the nozzle can significantly avoid the phenomenon of condensate inhalation. For more info, please visit our web for support us.

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