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Blitz Vigor Squonk Mod PK Yosta Livepor 100 Box Mod – return in a new guise

yosta livepor 100 box mod review

The Blitz vape company appears rather rarely in my impression. However, they will present new mod recently and the mod is with new guise and really cool. Looking ahead, I’ll say that these guys decided to aim a blow at the “holiest” – single-bank adjustable squonk mod. Also, the team Yosta decided to continue the series of devices in the Livepor lineup – Yosta Livepor 100. Well, let’s look at their new items.

1. Blitz Vigor Squonk Mod

The main element of the decor is the notorious resin, which trimmed the side panels, though not all versions. Of course, the industry is not able to offer anything more interesting, of course.

Blitz Vigor Squonk box mod review

Dimensions: 82 x 54.5 x 27.6mm
Weight: unknown
Case material: plastic + resin
Food: 1 x 18650/1 x 20700 Vial
Output power: 5 – 81W
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), Curve, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 – 600/100 – 315
Supported resistance: 0.08 – 3.0Ω

The control panel looks the standard way, with the exception of one element. The display is small monochrome, at the very base of the control buttons and the connector for charging the battery. By the way, as the last two formats can be applied at once.

Blitz Vigor Squonk mod for sale
Blitz Vigor Squonk mod for sale

Fire button is transferred to the side panel, it is small, apparently plastic. This is exactly the element for which I did not call the control panel cut standard. Ergonomics in this case will be an amateur.

Behind the removable side panel is hidden bottle of decent spaciousness. However, the window to click on this very bottle looks very small.

2. Yosta Livepor 100 Box Mod

It is thanks to these devices that they have become “famous”. Apparently the developers were inspired by the ideas of superheroes or some fantastic theme. Someone in the design can see the outlines of transformers, someone appearance of spaceships come from second-rate science fiction films. Previously, they thought somewhat “classically”, now time requires new heroes, as you know.

Yosta Livepor 100 box mod review
Yosta Livepor 100 box mod review

This creation rather reminds me of the work of the Vaptio designers, which last year coolly brought a similar theme, so they don’t want to return from it. A total of five options are offered – not bad.

Also in the mod is implemented LED backlight, it is hidden in the “eyes” under the fire button, plus in the vertical bars on both sides of the device.

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