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Mini Version Doesn’t Mean Reducing – COILART DPRO MINI RDA

Single coil RDA has a simpler rebuildable operation, especially in these days when Clapton coil has been popular, the single coil RDA has been pushed to a higher level by the three-dimensional atomization of the coil. This is one of the important reasons why many players use the single coil Clapton wire to do RDA.

The DPRO MINI RDA I want to share with everyone is a single coil fancy wire design RDA, a mini version from COILART after DPRO RDA, using a 22mm diameter pocket design and side air intake structure. Next, we will describe in details about the use of this RDA.

CoilART DPRO Mini RDA Review

After the overall dismantling, there are only three parts, and the chamber is a one-piece structure. Two symmetrical small grooves are visible on the edge of the deck. This is the position of the wire rod, that is to say, the installation height of the coil on the DPRO MINI is very intuitive. When the wire rod is fixed and locked by passing through the coil, it is best that the bottom of the wire rod contacts this groove.

The two groups of three-hole side intakes actually have a slight downward slope, which is consistent with the intake of the DPRO RDA. The airflow is pressed down to the bottom of the coil and then drawn by the tip drip through the coil. However, two small grooves are clearly formed on both sides of the deck. Whether it is the bottom filling or top filling, the MINI has a better flowability to the e-juice than the flat interior of the DPRO.

The original Clapton Coil has been trimmed to the proper length of the foot, just install it and you can use it. When the coil is in the normal working position, the span and distance between the air hole and the coil are visible, and the DPRO MINI’s airflow effect is extremely efficient, so it does not need to question the heat dissipation ability of the Clapton coil with high heat.

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The two recessed cotton grooves, in addition to effectively draining the direction of the e-juice to the cotton foot, allow us to fill in enough cotton. Although DPRO MINI is designed as 22MM diameter in actual use, its single coil e-juice capacity isn’t less than the 24MM version of DPRO RDA’s.

The draw resistance is quite different from that of DPRO RDA. DPR MINI’s suction resistance is obvious even when the intake air is fully used. With the original Clapton coil, the heat dissipation and suction resistance performance of the full intake air is optimal. When the intake air is closed to four holes and below, the data of the coil needs to be changed to meet the reduced heat dissipation capacity. Based on the original Clapton Coil, DPRO MINI’s smoke experience is more concentrated and tastes good.

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