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Review: First Impression for Eco Nano Vaporesso vape kit

Today we propose to consider a new product from the well-known Chinese manufacturer Vaporesso in the form of a simple ECO Nano Kit subsystem.
Vaporesso ECO Nano Kit
A major Chinese company, Vaporesso, has unveiled its next-generation device in the form of a portable subsystem called the ECO Nano Kit. This novelty product has an eye-catching appearance and a simple design.

Vaporesso vape has been hard at work developing its line of Pods. While the Eco Nano is easy to use, what sets it apart from other recent offerings is its sizable 6ml water tank. Another new feature is its cardboard packaging, which is fully recyclable.

Eco Nano Pod cartridge
Even though the Eco Nano uses pods with sealed coils, i.e. disposable, we still want to congratulate Vaporesso for choosing to use 100% cardboard packaging. After all, this reduces the amount of plastic used.

The box mod is marked with the quantity you will be smoking from the pod. The Eco Nano box claims to hold 13,000 puffs. It’s hard to say how accurate this statement is, as it depends on how each user inhales and what liquid they use.

Eco Nano does not come with a charging cable. This won’t be a particular problem for experienced vapers, but it can be annoying for new vapers.

Disposable Eco Nano pod cartridge holds 6ml. This puts the Eco Nano at the top when it comes to juice capacity. The cartridge is sealed, so when you notice it wears out, you have to throw the whole thing away.

The cartridge is installed above the battery. It’s held in place by two magnets that work really well. When you vape with this pod, it’s no fun at all.

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