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Something About Cartridge You Need To Know

When we purchased e-cigarettes, we would see the name of the cartridge in the product description. For friends who often uses e-cigarettes, the term is not unfamiliar to them. For friends who are exposed to e-cigarettes or who are ready to use e-cigarettes, it will be a little confusing. What is a cartridge?

A cartridge is a sealed or semi-sealed device. Cartridges have been injected with e-juice before being shipped from the factory. The former cartridge is sealed and integrated with the electronic cigarette battery rod. The battery rod and the cartridge are inseparable.

SMOK Infinix Cartridge

Later, with the progress of electronic cigarette industry technology, the cartridge can be no longer welded to the battery rod. It can be removed, and the soft plug at the top of the cartridge can be removed. We can use special tools to inject the e-juice into the cartridge for repeated use. The cartridge can only be used on pod system.

Because the volume of the cartridge is relatively small, only the atomized cotton or the low-power heating wire can be used, which limits the amount of smoke and the capacity of the e-juice. At the same time, the appearance of the cartridge has also been basically fixed and no major changes can be made.

Joyetech EXCEED Edge Cartridge

For example, SMOK Infinix Replacement Pod Cartridge, SMOK Fit Replacement Pod Cartridge, Joyetech Teros Pod Cartridge, which are very popular these days. All the three kinds of cartridge have 2ml juice capacity and are refilled by pulling out a rubber plug on the side and adding e-juice through the exposed slot. Refilling is said to be both hassle and leak free.

Which e-liquid in these cartridge will give you amazing experience? I will say the naked 100 hawaiian pog e-juice.


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