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Sport and Style – WISMEC Luxotic DF Kit VS Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit

wismec luxotic df kit for sale

Hello everyone. Once again, we are welcomed by WISMEC with its new product. This time they decided to reanimate their line of Reuleaux, adding to its new, very significant. In addition, Luxotic DF Kit will also be introduced.

1. WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker Kit

It refuels from above – a cover movable. The capacity of the vape tanks are very decent, subject to the use of bubble glass. The replaceable atomizer is only available in one type, but it is clearly targeted at a large number.

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit review

The adjustment of the blower is realized by means of a rotating ring at the base of the device. Air intake holes are not small, however, they are allowed along the entire length. The box mod looks interesting, the form factor has become more rounded, smooth. Dimensions, by the way, are not so cumbersome for three or more batteries. I especially want to mention the height of fashion.

The control panel is assembled on the front side. Fire button is large and looks comfortable. A small color display provides a decent variety of information, just below a pair of control buttons and a connector for charging and flashing. The current of the latter, by the way, is decent.

2. WISMEC Luxotic DF Kit

This drip tip has already been seen on the Luxotic NC and Luxotic MF box mods, but here in all colors of the RDA suite in question will be black.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Kit 200W review
WISMEC Luxotic DF Kit 200W review

It consists of drip tip (Ultem), top cap (top cap), skirts, decks and beauty rings. The top cap is equipped with a sealing o-ring and drip-type with 810 landing tightly into it.

Height: 77.2 mm
Width: 54.5 mm
Thickness: 42.1 mm
Weight without batteries: 190 g

In general, the device is good, there are no complaints about the work of the board, the board is said to be frying, the response to the fire is instant.

So, have you already had a Kit from Wismec? DF or BF, just a sport or a style choice.

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